A guest house
that feels like a home



Condominium Takabatake is a modern condominium (rental villa) style, a white building next to the former house of Naoya Shiga (famous novelist). It is fully equipped with everything you need for your daily life, so you can feel at home and enjoy your stay.
It is adjacent not only to Todai-ji Temple and Kasuga Grand Shrine, but also to Shin Yakushi-ji Temple - a famous Temple for its 12 Buddhist statues, Byakugoji Temple where you can see the view of the whole Nara City. It is also adjacent to Mt. Kasugayama Primeval Forest and Yagyu-kaido road leading to Yagyu.
Surrounded by nature where Kasuga shrine deer play freely, you can breathe in the luxurious air.
Why don’t you unravel the eternal history now and enjoy the ancient city of Nara, the birthplace of Buddhism, to your heart’s content?




若 草

Chic wooden and dining tables in the living room create a sophisticated atmosphere.



高 円

As there is no dining table in the living room, the space in the room feels spacious. The light from the south-facing bedroom creates a brighter image in the room.

Main equipment
  • Single-size Bed × 3
  • Air conditioners and underfloor heating
  • Large TV(BS available)
  • IH cooking heater, microwave oven, refrigerator, main kitchen utensils, tableware, detergent, etc.
  • Bathroom has drying facilities
  • Washing machine
  • Towels, toothbrush, shampoo & conditioner, hairbrush, hair dryer, shaver, disposable slippers
  • Toilet with electric toilet seat
  • Internet (Wi-Fi available in guest rooms)
  • Parking is available
  • Alarm devices, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, surveillance cameras at the entrance


(Prices vary depending on the season.)

  • Consecutive stay1 to 5 nights
    1 person 13,000 yen
    2 people 18,000 yen
    3 people 21,000 yen

    (1 room/ night)

  • Consecutive stay6 to 15 nights
    1 person 10,000 yen
    2 people 15,000 yen
    3 people 18,000 yen

    (1 room/ night)

  • Consecutive stay16 to 30 nights
    1 person 8,000 yen
    2 people 10,000 yen
    3 people 15,000 yen

    (1 room/ night)

Limited to 2 groups per day. Room capacity is 3 people per room.
Prices include consumption tax.
Children under elementary school will be charged half the price per person.

Cancellation fee:

3 days before check-in date: 50% of total amount / Previous day: 80% of total the day / Check-in date: Total amount


No meals are provided.
Please feel free to use the kitchen.
Various food deliveries are available in this area.


If you would like to stay, please check the vacancy in the calendar,
fill below and click SEND button.

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    7 - 10 minutes from Kintetsu /JR Nara Station

    Address: 1237-3 Takabatakecho, Nara, 630-8301
    Mail: info@cm-takabatake.com
    Tel. (+81)742-24-7780 or (+81)90-8891-3467


    Café ‘Gallery Takabatake’

    In the store where the gentle sun of the tree leaks from the garden, you will enjoy the Japanese atmosphere with nature, such as a mortar table and a monument of a huge tree root.
    We serve delicious organic coffee from Australia ‘BUN COFFEE’ and ‘DE LABLANCHE 1090’ rice flour chiffon cake (all-gluten-free).
    We are looking forward to seeing you with our dog - Kotaro (miniature schnauzer).

    Shigaraki potteries by Seiemon Tani (late)* are exhibited and sold in the store.